Passive Income

The reason why you should focus on passive income is, you can basically make money while you sleep. You will have to put some work in at the beginning but after that your all set. Let’s say you take about 40-60 good quality photos of people in suits, family, any business-oriented photos. Those photos can earn you money, multiple time. That is a good example of passive income, differently the best way of making money online and that what we are going to cover in this post.

Sell Photos

Now let’s talk a little bit about passive income, anything about passive income is highly encouraging – the first way you can make passive income online is by selling photos so there are all kinds of websites out there that will pay you a percentage of how much money they earn from selling your photo so sites like SmugMug Pro, Shutterstock, iStockphoto. If you’ve ever tried to buy a photo you’ll realize wow that was a hundred dollars for one photo well that’s because Shutterstock pays a percentage of that money to the person that took that photo, if you’ve ever tried to buy a photo you’ll realize wow that was a hundred dollars for one photo well that’s because Shutterstock pays a percentage of that money to the person that took that photo.  


The second way that I’ve learned to make passive income online is through Clickbank, another marketplace basically of other people’s products and the cool thing about this is that you get to sell someone else’s product it’s basically affiliate marketing. Most of the products on Clickbank are digital products. In other words, Clickbank is the middleman between creators of digital products, such as ebooks, video, music and more, and people who can sell those products, are affiliate marketers.  

Amazon affiliates

The third coolest way to make passive income online is through Amazon affiliates now the way that Amazon affiliates network is that you put a link in your description of your YouTube channel or your blog or some other website that you have and what happens is whenever someone clicks on that link boom they get a cookie on their browser which means any product they buy on Amazon for the next 24 hours you get a percentage of and one example of this is that on my youtube channel  


Another way that you can make passive income is by selling Kindle e-books now Kindle e-books are really easy to create and some people think that it’s just really hard to make them so they don’t get into them. There are great videos online that teach you how to create a Kindle eBook and how to market your Kindle eBook.  

Digital Files

The next way to make passive income online is by selling digital files, now one of the best sites that I found to do this is and usually they take a commission of whatever you sell it’s like two to five percent I think but you can create a small little course or you can have website templates or you can have your own WordPress themes and sell it on ThemeForest. drive traffic to your theme and then eventually you will make money.  

Teaching courses

Another way to make money by selling and teaching a course on Udemy. I’ve heard by some specific people that Udemy kind of sucks because they’ll gyp you out of money because it’ll take your $300 course and then put it on sale for $10 so that they can get more users on their website and that’s kind of blackhat kind of ripping off creators.  Many people make money on Udemy, all you need to have is knowledge on any subject the people would be interested in, see what others are selling and then duplicate it. 

Membership Sites

Create a membership site, you charge everyone $30 a month for a membership to your site. What important with membership sites is that you need to create value on a monthly basis.  A good idea for a membership site is a coupon site, people love free stuff and they are always looking to save some extra cash. Use that to your advantage, it is easy to create a membership site just do a search on Youtube and you will find lots of videos om the matter. We recommend buying a WordPress them to speed up the process, you can get free one but they are mostly limited in features. Remember as long as you can provide a service, then people will eventually buy from you.  

Youtube Channel

The last and best way that I’m going mention online is by building a Youtube channel now when you build a YouTube channel you can make a lot of money with ad revenue but it takes a ton of views you can actually make way more money if you sell stuff in the description you might get 10,000 views and that might earn you $20 but if you get 10,000 views and 10% of those people buy a $300 course of yours that’s going to earn way more money than the video ever will so when you build a YouTube channel you have got to be passionate and I cannot stress this enough because there are tons of people who get into YouTube and will make a couple of videos and then fall out because they’re not passionate about it and they just give up and so don’t give up- it can be done.

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