Work from home – Highest Paying jobs

We’re going to be talking about seven Work from home jobs that you can do it home that pay at least one hundred dollars per day.

I’m really excited to be sharing this list with you today because I know that you always love when I’ve shared ideas. I also wrote on how to approach a Job interview and crush it.

Today I just wanted to break it down really simply share seven jobs that pay at least one hundred dollars, every day, because I know that that is a minimum that a lot of people would want to earn. Working at home is a truly a viable option for supporting yourselves full time now, the only things that these jobs really have in common is that you doing them from home and they will pay you at least one hundred dollars per day.


Someone who helps a business or an individual keep their finances organized. Basically, there are many different ways that you can learn how to become a bookkeeper. You can actually get a two or a four year degree that will teach you everything you need to know, or there are lots of shorter-term training programs that teach you how to be a bookkeeper and as little as three or six months, and there’s also the option to actually just learn. on the job booking burst typically earned about twenty dollars per hour and it’s something that you cannot do from home, either for local clients or you can do from home, working with remote clients and communicating with them online. And just so you’re aware there are different types of financial professions, such as an accountant or bookkeeper or financial advisor, and many of them do require some type of certification or another prerequisite, but there actually isn’t any such restrictions on being a bookkeeper. Anyone can be a book keeper as long as they know what they’re doing.

Check out glassdoor for bookkeeping jobs


Job number two is something that i love to include, because i think it pays a lot more than a lot of people realize and that’s to be a youtuber. Now, clearly, i have a youtube channel and it’s, one of my sources of income, my youtube channel right now, with about seventy five thousand subscribers, is paying me a bit over three thousand dollars per month, and i think that seventy five thousand subscribers is a number that really, anyone can attain if they put in the work and they learn what it takes to become successful on youtube. The reason that i mentioned that my channel makes three thousand dollars a month is because that is equivalent to one hundred dollars a day. However, just for reference, i’ll share that when my channel on lee had about twenty thousand subscribers, i wass making about fifteen hundred or so dollars every single month, which is a quite decent wage for someone who has a very small you t j also, i can’t not mention that even though is one hundred dollars per day it’s a lot more per hour than a lot of these other jobs, because i only put about two hours per day into running my youtube channel, so that means that i’m turning around fifty dollars an hour. 


The third job on my list is that of transcriber now transcriber is someone who listens to audio. This could be audio from a speaker at a conference or simply someone reciting something that they want to be transcribed. There’s definitely a lot of different applications of this and there’s also a whole lot of websites that helped to facilitate people who work as transcribers, finding work of transcribers with people who want to hire a transcriber. Now, typically, a transcriber earns an average of about thirty dollars per hour. It depends on which website you go with. Some pay as little as nine dollars per hour, and some pay as much as about fifty dollars per hour.

Transcription jobs

Customer service – Work from home

Job number four is chat customer service now a lot of people don’t like answering the phone, and even though they’re aware that there are a lot of jobs they could do from home, answering the phone for different cos they don’t really want to go that route, but a great alternative is to be a chat customer service representative. The main difference is you don’t actually have to talk to the people on the phone instead, you’re just chatting with them over the internet, and you’re probably used this service many times. If you’ve tried to contact a company such as most any clothing or technology company on the internet these days, many companies hire people to work from home and provide these services to their customers, and they typically pay around fifteen dollars per hour. And again, oliva, linked to a few resource, is that you can check out to learn more about these chat customer service job opportunities down in the description.

Chat Customer Service

Home stylist for stitch fix or similar service

Another awesome way to work from home is very specific, but I think it might appeal to a lot of people it’s to be a home stylist for stitch fix or for some similar service. Now what the services do is they offer custom selected pieces of clothing to customers and the home stylists take a look at the customers, profile it aside, what piece is the person who might be interested in buying and wearing and then stitch fix actually sends them out to the customer. Now the reason I mentioning stitch fix in particular is because they’ve actually publicly shared information about the fact that they hire people like this and the fact that they pay them about fifteen dollars an hour to do this work from home and, of course, only the link down below where you can find out more information about stitch fix is well.

Online course creator

Job number six on my work from home list is to be an online course creator now all the jobs on my list this one probably has the most wildly varying income most of these other jobs I can say you know you’ll get paid about fifteen dollars an hour or about thirty dollars an hour but as an online course creator there is so much opportunity for growth and you can make an enormous amount of money I mean we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars every month if you’re really good at it but if you are good at it then you might make no money however that being said if you use a proven strategy for building your brand and getting yourself out there and you make it decently good courses then you can easily expect to earn about five to ten thousand dollars per month if you want to learn more about how to become an online course creator and the strategy is to use to actually become successful at it on the best resource I can probably recommend to you is for you to join the free workshop that I’m doing soon so just stick around till the end of the video so that I can share with you exactly what’s going on that and how you can join it all right and the seventh.

Online Course Creator

Virtual assistant

The final job on my list is that a virtual assistant now what a virtual assistant does is they help someone too basic tasks, such as answering email, writing, proofreading or may be working on managing a small project, and they do so remotely, of course, there’s loss of executives and other types of professionals that have assistants who work in the office. But these days, with a lot of people working from home, there is a big job opportunity for people to do virtual assistant now, a common objection that i’ve gotten when i have shared his people. The opportunity of being a virtual assistant is that there is a lot of competition, and lots of people basically are trying to be virtual assistance, even if they’re not very qualified, and that that can really drive down the possibility for making money in this way.

However, based on the experience of many of my clients, I would say it all depends on how your marketing yourself and where. One of the best ways to work from home as a virtual assistant is by listing yourselves on a site like or, but you probably can’t expect to make more than about seven or twelve dollars per hour, which probably would not be enough for most people. There are other sites that helped to connect more skilled virtual assistance with people who are looking for virtual assistants who they can really count on. And if you sign up with one of these services and they helped to place you with a good client, then you can earn a whole lot more at least fifteen dollars per hour, if not twenty or twenty-five or thirty dollars per hour.

You can also work from home by building up your own network and finding clients that way. And typically virtual assistants who go about their marketing in that way earned between twenty and thirty dollars per hour. All right, so that brings us to the end of my list of seven, jobs that you can do if you want to work from home.

Virtual Assistant Positions

Then make sure you leave a comment down below just to share your top job from our list and beyond that if you have any questions about how to get started with one of those jobs. 

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