Online learning courses Free- that can help your career

They say some of the best things in life are free, uh, not so much. Some of the online learning courses are free but mostly paid. If you’re looking to add skills to your toolkit, you might’ve considered an online learning website.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there i some great free options out there but the benefits of an online learning site can include less time rummaging through Google for inconsistent material. And having more of a focus for what you’re trying to learn. But is it worth parting with your hard-earned cash? Let’s take a look at one of these websites.

Today am gonna be reviewing Udemy offers online learning courses on nearly any topic you can think of. From learning Polish to creating 2D art elements in Adobe Illustrator for mobile development. The reason for this is because Udemy allows anyone to become a teacher. However, you have to meet qualifying criteria before you’re allowed to release your content.

The format can consist of text read, videos watched, and quizzes taken. Now, a video could be a slideshow with voiceover, screencasting, lectures or a video specifically made just for the online learning courses. And depending on the instructor, exercise files can be provided. For instance, if you’re learning something like Photoshop, you might be provided with a Php file or multiple PHP files. So each course is purchased on its own and has no subscription fee. Prices of the online learning courses can range from free to 299 dollars plus. But there’s usually some discount code out there floating around that can make them drop as low as 10 dollars with a few exceptions.

I’ve tried to get Seth Golden’s freelancer course forever, and it’s never gone on sale. The quality, just like everything else, it can vary greatly. Udemy has put up a rating system to help consumers find quality content, however, I’ve taken some online learning courses that were rated quite high and were just… Just terrible. However, on the other hand, I’ve taken a lot of courses that have really impacted my career, such as, Vanessa van Edwards Body Language course and Jason Tiek’s, Presentation Skills course.

Some unique selling points include getting discounts to other courses that your instructor has done. They don’t have to go through Udemy directly to do that. Also, if they update a course, you get access to that updated material immediately. But the most important thing is, is that you get to keep the online learning courses forever. You might find yourself having to come back after you’ve completed it because you forgot something. And this isn’t typically how most online learning websites work. You usually get an annual subscription or monthly subscription.

Once that’s gone, you don’t have access. So some of the time, the content can be hit or miss. Most of the time, it’s a hit. You have a new coffee shop and you need new training material for your baristas? There’s a online learning courses for that. Now, like seriously, there’s an actual course just for that. The vast amount of content makes it worth giving it a look. And once you purchase program, you get to keep it and if it’s updated, you get access to that as well.

I highly suggest you give them a look, just as long as you look for a discount code and keep in mind some of the warnings that we talked about earlier. You have your own favorite learning platform? Be sure to let me know in the comments and I’ll give it a look.

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